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Jesu Sung Ah Na Theampo Kicing Hi

Tu ni US a theng mihing tampi in panntaing theng zo ki ngaisun tha thei hi. Pathian thupha tatak sia USbek ah a om hi ngawl aa, Topa Pathian sung bekma om hi. Topa thupha sia khuapi sung ah a om bangma, khuano sung zong ah om hi. Ih omna papo ah Topa in tha hong pia tawntung hi. Peter ii ngunkuang sung Topa Jesu hong om ciang a nuntakna aki lai bangma, tu ni ih innkuan sung ah Topa om sak leang thupha ih sang tu aa ih nuntakna hong ki lai tu hi….August 5, 2012 USSBC ah Rev. Cin Do Thawng thu hilna.


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Rev. Dr. Thuam Cin Khai
Rev. Dr. Vungh Lian
Siyin chin baptist church

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