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Mawna, Pathian Tung Tat Khialna (Sin) Le Upna, Muanna, Taksaanna (Faith) Ih Cite

Joseph-and-MaryBetlen khua ah numei thiangtho May sung pan ei mihingte mawna le tatkhialna theampo thinglamtee tung pan chisan luang a hong tankhia tu Topa Jesus nausen bangin hong sua papo ciang, a valtum lian tu in Satan (Lucifer) in pang khinkhian hi. Nupi nu sung pan hong suak Topa Jesus te nuta Topa Pathian in a vawt kholsa Egypt ngam ah taipui a, Heroh kumpipa thi dong ni 1260 sung bang keam hi, ci leang Lucifer (Satan) le a nungzui, tu hun a Christian min pua tam mama te in hong saang zo tu ziam?  [His tail drew along behind him a third of the stars, which he plunged to the earth. He stood before the woman as he was about to give birth to her child, ready to eat the baby as soon as it was born she gave birth to a boy, who was to rule all nations with a heavy hand, and he was caught up to God to his throne. The woman fled into the wilderness, where God had prepared for her, ti take care of her for (1260) days. Tpl. 12:4-6.]

“Biakinn khawng pai kul nawn bo, ngual mawna maisak zo po leang a, thumaan thutak taw nungta po leang a, nitak khuaziin ciang zu sai ah, zu thawl khat tek bang neak zawkciang Pathian pokna la tomno te sa vaniau tawntung po leang, ih kiim ih paam pan Topa Jesus in maitaina taw hong ompui lei tu a, Lucifer Satan sia ei kung pan tai lei tu zam ve” ci leangjhjiiaan tu ziam? Ih khial tu”ziam? Satan Doai mangpa in hun tawp kuan ciang Topa Jesus min taw na hong seam tu hi ci leang ih khial tu ziam? Topa Pathian taw ki it tu hong haza mama, vantung pan leitung ah hong kisepsuh Doaimangpa Satan a kici, sintpil khelpilna taw leitung theampo a theampa Lucifer sia tuni in ih kiim ih paam pan hong valtum nuam ahikom up khialna kammal, thuneam le khamthei nguithei tatuam taw hong ngak nginge ve ci leang ih khial tu ziam? Tua ahile Topa tung mawna ahibale Pathian tungah tatkhialna (What is sin?) ih ci’sia bang hi thong tu ziam? Biakinn ih pai le pai ngawl sia Topa in koisia deizaw tu a, Lucifer in koi sia dei zaw tu ziam? Topa tungah upna, muanna, taksaanna (Faith) a ci sia bangbang hi thong tu ziam? Topa deina a bang hi a, Lucifer Satan deina a bang hi thong tu ziam? “The Greatest Love” an edition of “The Living New Testament from The Living Bible” sung pan “Sin” le “Faith” taw kisai dik ka sak mama Lai Thiangtho kammal pawlkhat hong at tong. (Ka tetti panna hi.)

  1. Luke 10:18-19 “Yes” He told them I saw Satan falling from the heaven as a flash of lightning! And I have given you authority over all the power of the Enemy, and to walk among serpents and scorpions and to crush them. Nothing shall in jure you. (Ei taw Satan ih teang khawm nginge ve le!)
  2. What is sin? “Sin” is the Biblical word for failing to live up to God’s standards. (Bat laakna theampo mawna/khialna ci thong bana ziam?) It includes various shades of meaning under his broad category, ranging from “error” to “wickedness” The Bible teaches that “Sin” is not a list or category of deeds or attitudes but rather a condition. (Ih mawna le khialna te kam taw sim zawk tu hi tuak ba thong! Khat le khat mawna zongin, kikawk nawn ba tawng.) Man is by his nature a sinner; therefore, he commits actions which are sinful (Sim tu:- Rom.3:10-12,1 Jn.1:8-10; James 4:6-12) (Pianpui ih mawna te hang, Topa in a chisan taw hong tankhia zen hi ngawl ziam?) Man’s sinful condition (a spiritual disease) has separated him from God, since God isholy and just and must punish sin. (Topa thinsung thiangtho a, thumaan thutak ahikom thaa nin thaa ngilo ih pianpui thinsung sia dei ngawl het thong hi. (Rom.2:12-15) However, God is also a personal, Loving Deity (Pathian’ itna). He knows no man can live up to His standards. (Ei mihing te khat beak zongh in ama pftatna ban zo ngawl tu ci sia Topa in hong tel sitset. hi.) So He took the form of man (Jesus Christ) and lived that life for us. (Tuasia ahikom mihingte meal le sa bangin hong kithoai a, ei nuntak nga natu in mihing pumpi in hong kivawt zen! Ih hamphat dan!) Then he took upon Himself the punishment. His justice demanded and gave himself as a “sacrifice” in our place dying for our sins. (Thukham namcin ih zui zawk bel hang, pha mama ih kisak man a, ih puak zawk ngawl tu ih thuak tu, ngawtna daan thuakna ih neite theampo hong puaksak a ei thi tu luangin hong thi hi.) This sacrificial death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus from the death is deemed by God to sufficient’s scrificial death as having validity and meaning for us. If we are repentent, and come to God by Faith, He will forgive our sins and give us new natures and eternal life. (Topa’in eima thuak tu theampo thina taw hong thuaksak sia ei atu kicing mama zo nave Topa upna muanna te citakna taw kisiik kikin ama kungah ih ki aap ngawl phamaw hamtang hi.) Thin tak lung tak taw ih ki aap hun papo ciang pianthakna nuntakna thak hong pia a, tawntung nuntakna hong pia hi. (Rom.3:21-22; John 3:16; Ept.2:1-10; Rom.5:6-8)

Tu hunin Lucifer Satan in Jesus min thaang zaksak a, Pathian na hong seam hi. Nang le kei kingaisun tawng! Satan Pawlpi Sya, Pawlpi Upa, Pawlpi mihing khat in ih kihel tha bana ziam?


Heaktu: The Siyin Baptist Vol 58 sungpan


Tawntung nuntakna na nga zo le?


Zawna sia Topa aa hi
Yehowah Nissi

Pathian Kam mal

Pathian Kammal a thupina


Salvation and Christian Life


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